Hardware Setup and Troubleshooting

Need a new computer set up? Your old computer isn’t working as expected? Printer won’t connect to your laptop? Or perhaps your credit card reader won’t read! Don’t worry, we can help you get those devices up and running in no time! 

Website Construction and Maintenance

Need a website for your business? Have a website that needs a facelift? Or perhaps something isn’t working quite right on your website.  We can get your old website looking fresh OR build you a new one!

Internet Access for Home and Business

Rural internet options can be confusing and difficult to set up. Your available options for Internet access will depend on your needs and your location. We can help make sense of it all and have you online in a flash!

Digital Marketing Strategy

The Internet and social media are making it easier than ever to reach customers. If your business doesn’t have a digital strategy, we can help you develop one in order to gain customers and increase revenue!

About us

We love business technology! 

Our expertise is in helping small businesses – particularly those in East Alabama and West Georgia – use technology to reach more customers, grow revenue, and manage expenses! Let us show you how it’s done!

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